Monday, May 28, 2012


Adhiraa Creations - A blog to satisfy my own thirst on crafts.

Developed a habbit of  doing gifts innovatively for family members & friends from childhood. I don't know when I started this, but still I remember the small bouquet which I made for my bro. I have limited access to the outside world other than school.  I enjoyed with my family - as that was my world. I used to create crafts with the things available at home.

Paper quilling - When I was searching for paper rose in google. I got to know about basic shapes of Quilling, from that point, i got into paper quilling. But i don't have a proper tool or paper strips. I tried with small screwdriver, then with toothpick, Those days, i am not much familiar with google/internet. I don't know how to procure things from online. Technologically weak. :)

Gave up the idea, took the post it papers and tried my quilling skill with that and gave up the idea of quilling.

Years passed... When I came across Inna Dorman blog and Reshmi's blog decided to start quilling again and was familiar with online transactions and got things done from online. From that moment, my quilling story began.It is a mesmerzing world of paper art. I am addicted to that. 

Thanks to Google. See my blog is up with quilling post.

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