Monday, March 25, 2019

You are a work of art

Hello Crafty Friends,

Today I share a layout for   Stage 2 JV "Breakthrough 2019

Here is my layout with bright accents.

Main sponsors of the project:
 -  7Dots Studio
 -  Scrap Ego
-  MimiCut
 -  Blagolis
 -  Allmacraft
 -  ScrapTherapy
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 -  AgiArt

Project Sponsors:
 -  Skraplya
 -  ArtemiAna
 -  Leom ammy

Excited to take part in this challenge.


Sunday, March 24, 2019

DIY decoupage on ceramic plate tutorial

Hello everyone,
I am Shylaa here to share a video-tutorial on DIY decoupage on a ceramic plate.

Do you have old ceramic plates, take it out and decoupage it in to a beautiful decorative piece or a it could be a perfect gift.

Monday, March 18, 2019

Mixed media earrings

Hello crafty friends,
Here today I am sharing my inspiration for expression craft blog.
I am a jewelry designer, which I have not done for quite a long time.

Here i has a chance to try something new with Sculptor Tex contour medium for

Mixed media earrings made with cloth using Sculptor Tex contour medium..

Here are the steps
- take a round paper base.
-- take the white fabric from fabric pack and cut the round shape according to the paper base.
- then soak the cloth in the sculptor Tex contour medium and squeeze of the excess medium.
- Now place the cloth over the paper base and make some textures using your hand. Add a small piece of jute cord and deco stones.
Allow it to dry.
Then use the metallic paints and add colours. 
Attach the finished basement to the earrings findings.

Hope I inspired you to create something. Join our monthly challenges to win amazing products

Happy Crafting!!!!