Monday, February 1, 2016

Quilled Lotus

Dear friends,

Indian Quilling Challenge group is set with new challenge and the new crew today. The challenge we set for the month is Anything goes with pink in it.

My Inspiration is a quilled lotus - my longing desire to do this art has come true.

Lotus - the national flower of India. Emerges from muddy waters but un-spoilt and pure. It is considered to represent a wise and spiritually enlightened quality in a person. The unopened bud is representative of a folded soul that has the ability to unfold and open itself up to the divine truth.

Lotus represents eternity, purity, divinity, and is widely used as a symbol of life, fertility,ever-renewing youth. It is a symbol of awakening to the spiritual reality of life.

I really enjoyed peace while doing this artwork.

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  1. Amazing !!your neat n perfectly quilled lotus.. Brings tranquility to mind :)

  2. Beautiful card ...loved the quilled lotus n its actual meaning!!

  3. Oh my goodness Shylaa, this is absolutely stunning work.

    B x

  4. WOW this is sooo beautiful ...I hope you get it framed and hang it on your's sure to wow visitors to your home
    Dr Sonia

  5. so pretty..lovely neat quilling Shylaa..

  6. nice explanation. pretty pretty patient work shylaa

  7. This is just so wow...shylaa! Not a pink lover but this is an eexception. Beautiful.

  8. Your lotus is breathtakingly beautiful, you should frame it and display

  9. Amazingly most fav in ur works.



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