Friday, December 20, 2013

Quilled Blue Ganesha

Hi friends,

Here's my post on another Quilled Ganesha with handmade frame. The background was created using cotton balls & water colours - sponging technique. The Ganesha is hand drawn and filled it with beehived quilling. The art work was fixed to a mount sheet and made a handmade frame by using OHP sheet and cello tape. Gifted this to my friend on her house warming cermony. Everyone in India would love to have Ganesha and it would a perfect house warming gift.

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Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Shaped birthday card

Hi friends ,

Here is my post on a shaped card made for a colleague at office on his birthday. A simple handmade birthday card with pattern papers. punched flowers & leaf diecuts, embellished it with pearls and used a digital image with sentiment in it.

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Quilled Ganesha frame

Hi Friends,

I am here today to share with you a Quilled Ganesha frame which was made to order by my friend. Many of us would be in doubt on which paper to be used as a base for quilled frames. I would suggest to use Mount board sheet. You can increase the height up to our quilled work by fixing the mount board one on one. So that if you give to a frame shop, your quilled artwork won't be disturbed.

Painted the background with orange & yellow water colours and varnished it with Camelin paper varnish. It would be perfect gift idea for housing warming ceremony.

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Friday, November 29, 2013

Easy Shadow Box / Paper frame Tutorial

Hi friends,

This post is on Shadow box with out using a scoreboard. I was inspired to make this on seeing my blogger friend Deepti's post on Lulupu blog. She is a wonderful crafter. You can visit her blog here. Thanks Deepti.

While reading her post, a thought came to my mind to make it without a scoreboard.

Have tried this and made a standlone Paper photo frame with my family photo in it. Decorated it with Quilled malaysian flowers, Leaf diecuts, Crystals, pearls,Handmade rose buds(from Pooja), some Glitter butterflies, Doll was made by me uusing my son's toy clay and painted it with Golden paint.This photo was taken in a hill in my hometown. There is a Goddess Ranganayaki temple in the middle,there is no proper road to it. I have went to this place during my childhood. This was my second visit and I really enjoyed trekking after a long time.

Here is the step by step tutorial for your quilled paper photo frame and I doubt whether to call it as a shadow box tutorial or Paper photo frame tutorial

Materials required: 
  • Cardstock / chart paper / recycled greeting cards – A4 size
  • Fevicol / double sided tape / tacky glue
  •  Transparent sheet / OHP sheet – 9.5cm x 9.5cm

  • Cut the cardstock - 10cm by 10cm. One No. This would be the base.
  • Cut the cardstock - 10cm by 3cm – 4 Nos. This is for the panels on the sides

  • Now make a mountain fold at 1cm and 2cm, you will get the panel as in the picture below.

  • For the folded edges to be perfect , just press the edges by using a highlighter pen(like you score you a scoring tool)
  • Now stick the double sided tape to all the edges or use fevicol to fix it as shown below.

  • Enclose the OHP sheet to the inner side of the panel.  Your shadow box is ready.                                                                                                                                                                     
  • Take the base and decorate as like and stick it to the panel.
  • Cut the cardstock like trapezium as below and fix it to the base of the card. Your stand is ready.

  • You can decorate the outer and inner side as you want. If you want to do a bigger one just double the sizes.
  • This paper photo frame will be a best fit for your quilled projects.

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Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Simple Paper House tutorial for School project

Hi Friends,

My Son made a request to me to make a sky scrapper model for his school project. Hit with back pain and i couldn't sit for a long and do the project. Hence decided to make him a small little house.

Here's the tutorial for paper house

Material required for this:
1. Scale & pencil
2. Cardstock  or chart paper
3. Fevicol


  1. For the side of the house, you need to cut two pieces of cardstock(CS) measuring about 15cm by 13cm
  2. For base of the house - 10cm by 10cm - square shaped CS
  3. For the front & back part - 10cm by 15cm
  4. Now take the sides part and make a mountain fold at 2.5cm & at 13cm along the side of 15cm paper and on the other CS(13cm) at 2.5cm .
  5. Cut at the intersecting point of 2.5cm & 13cm and snip the corners to form a tray(L shape) like shape and fix the 10cm base to the both the bottom of the L and now you will get the below shape

6. Now for the Front & Back portion, mark a centre point and draw a line at 10cm the cut it to form a triangle shape.

7.Cut a door in the front panel and window on the sides(if required) and Attach front and back portion to the side pieces to form a house.
8. The roof is made from a piece of card stock measuring 15cm by 20cm. Make a mountain fold at 10cm along 20cm side and at 2.5cm and 5cm along the 15cm side. Snip at the 10cm line to the intersecting line to create the angle to make the roof. 
9. Fix the corner with adhesive and now the roof  sets perfectly on the house

Now you can decorate the house as you like.

Here is the little paper house which i made for my son. I have decorated it with handmade rose(from Pooja), 3d glitters, punched flowers, leaf diecuts. Since Christmas is nearing have created a snow effect using thermocol ball and attached a bell to remind about Santa.


Side view

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Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Quilled Tri shutter card

Hi Friends,

Today i would like to share my first try on handmade Quilled Tri Shutter Card. I made this card for my colleague at Office on his birthday. Embellished it with Pastel coloured quilled flowers & pattern papers. I was inspired by Noor's card & an video tutorial from Youtube.

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Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Quilled Photo frame

Hi friends,

Today my post is on a simple quilled photo frame.The photo is decorated with Quilled flower, swirls, glitter strips, pearls and rhinestones. It was made to order for a Japanese client to gift his boss on retirement.  Based on the request from the client, have masked the photo.

After framing

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Beads / Crystal Jewellery

Dear friends,

I have gone crazy with beads and this post is on my first try with Fashion jewellery. Fashion jewellery / beads jewellery can be easily learned by anyone. Hope you all remember your childhoood days of beading the beads with string. It is the same. Will post a separate post on DIY bead jewellery.

 I have customized the sandstone & pearl jewellery set based on a request from my friend. It would be a birthday gift for her cousin. Hence I have packed the jewellery in a handmade box with a sentiment fixed to it.

Since she want the outer design to be CAS , have made a simple quilled flower and fixed it on top of it. 

Hope she likes it.

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Saturday, November 2, 2013

Happy Diwali

Happy Diwali to all my friends

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Happy Diwali

Dear friends,

I going on a vacation to my home town and i am not sure about the network connectivity over there. Hence wishing you and your family a very Happy, Prosperous and Safe Diwali.

Hey.... wait.. it is not over here. Diwali wishes without Crackers & fireworks.

Here is my artwork which i made for our Office.  Tried silhouette quilling for the first time and this handmade diwali wishes has got Quilled Diwali wishes monogram with quilled diya, quilled peacock, Quilled crackers & paper fireworks -  Specially decorated to wish you all too.

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Friday, October 25, 2013

Teracotta Jewellery

Dear friends,

My today's post is on Teracotta jewellery. I thought making these jewellery would be tough and haven't tired it for a long time. 

Just thought of trying it myself and bought air drying clay from Itsy Bitsy and tired with my hands. It is so easy and i remembered by childhood days making toys using clay. It is the same method.

Here is step by step tutorial for making a teracotta jewellery.(Clay jewellery tutorial)

  1. Take a few portion of clay - may a lemon size.
  2. Knead the clay well like we make dough for chapati, but don't add water. you can do this on a plastic sheet or on a metal surface.
  3. Once the clay is soft to mould, you can into any shapes by touching water( like we make shaped chapattis for our kids) Hope now you got a idea.
  4. Pls use tooth pick to make holes.
  5. If you want to use eye pin for earring , insert it while designing(wet condition)
  6. Allow it to dry for 24 hrs
  7. Coat the dried piece with black acrylic paint(fabric paints) and allow it to dry and you can coat it with your desired colours.
  8. Once they are dried completely, it can be varnish with any type of varnish for glow and to seal the paint

My first teracotta earring is here. I haven't used any mould, so shapes won't be appropriate and have used fun paints to colour.

Hope you like it.

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PS: If my works inspires you or you want to recreate, Pls do give a direct link to my post because i put my hardwork in each and every design I make. Hope you all understand. 

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Festive Collection

Dear Friends,

Have launched many new quilled earring collections in my online shop and have announced discount offer too for this festive season.

Have added a few below and visit my shop in Indiebazaar for more Paper earrings







Quilling strips and jewellery finding - Itsy Bitsy (but will not link to their challenges anymore)
Beads - local shop

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Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Birthday Card

Dear Friends,

My friend celebrates her birthday today. Coloured the tilda digi with oil pastels. Embellished the card with rosette, roses, pearls and used the gauze to give a lace effect.

My friend loved this card and fortunately it was a perfect match to her dress. Happy moments.

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Monday, October 21, 2013

Tilda card

Dear friends,

Here is my first card with tilda digital image. This quilled greeting card has a Tilda image which is coloured with water colour pencils. Embellished it with doiles, feathers, pearls, flowers. ribbon and laces. The doily is painted with fun paints a mix of pink and golden colour over it.

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Happy Anniversary

Dear friends

Here's is a quilled anniversary card I made for my friend.

Embellished the card with Quilled cats, punched hearts, black ribbon, laces, pearls and glittered using 3d glitters.

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Saturday, October 5, 2013

My Special set

Hi Friends,

Creating something for yourself, isn’t it special. Whatever i create either i have gifted it or have sold it. 

I have never made a quilled earring for myself. This month is very special to me -i will be 31 on 31st October. This is my special birthday and i would love to gift myself with a set made by me.

Didn’t spend much time on choosing a colour, yes it is pink - Then to design – As i am big criticiser of my own creations, creating an unique creation to win my heart was a tough job. Tried many designs and finally ended with this design. Decorated it with pearls and ghungurus.

This was my first try to convert Paper Jewellery into Fashion jewellery. Hope i have done it to some extent. 

Here it is

Materials used

Paper strips - Itsy Bitsy
Pearls, loreals, jewellery findings - local shop

Would love to have your real feedback.

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PS: If my works inspires you or you want to recreate, Pls do give a direct link to my post because i put my hardwork in each and every design I make. Hope you all understand. 

Saturday, September 28, 2013

Handy Candy Box

Dear friends,

Today my post is on Handy candy Box.It would be a best return gift on your little one's birthday.  You don’t need use scoring board or tool, Here is the simple tutorial to make the mini purse box.

Materials required:

1. Cardstock or pattern paper – 6“ x  6” – 1 No
2. Card stock or pattern paper – 2”x 4”- 1 No
3. Scale to measure
4. Glue to fix
5. Buttons or brads – 3 Nos
6. Ribbon – for the handle
7. Pearls, pattern paper , etc - decorate


1. Start with 6” x 6” PP . Mark it at 2”And 4” at all the sides and connect the points to get equal squares.

 2. Just fold as shown in the below picture on all the sides to get the squares.
 3. Draw a diagonal line in all the corner squares and fold like a mountain.
 4. Now take the center squares and mark it as north, south, east and west. Now take the north  south squares and mark the centre point and draw a triangle a shown below

 5. Now make a mountain fold on both the sides of the triangle. 

 6. Take the 2”x4”PP and fold it equally and stick to the base as shown below.

 7. Stitch the button or fix the brad to the triangle portion (since i was feeling very sleepy while doing this, have stitched it wrongly.
 8. Your base model box is ready.

You can decorate it as you want.

Trust this would help anyone to make this tiny purse candy box easily.

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