Friday, October 25, 2013

Teracotta Jewellery

Dear friends,

My today's post is on Teracotta jewellery. I thought making these jewellery would be tough and haven't tired it for a long time. 

Just thought of trying it myself and bought air drying clay from Itsy Bitsy and tired with my hands. It is so easy and i remembered by childhood days making toys using clay. It is the same method.

Here is step by step tutorial for making a teracotta jewellery.(Clay jewellery tutorial)

  1. Take a few portion of clay - may a lemon size.
  2. Knead the clay well like we make dough for chapati, but don't add water. you can do this on a plastic sheet or on a metal surface.
  3. Once the clay is soft to mould, you can into any shapes by touching water( like we make shaped chapattis for our kids) Hope now you got a idea.
  4. Pls use tooth pick to make holes.
  5. If you want to use eye pin for earring , insert it while designing(wet condition)
  6. Allow it to dry for 24 hrs
  7. Coat the dried piece with black acrylic paint(fabric paints) and allow it to dry and you can coat it with your desired colours.
  8. Once they are dried completely, it can be varnish with any type of varnish for glow and to seal the paint

My first teracotta earring is here. I haven't used any mould, so shapes won't be appropriate and have used fun paints to colour.

Hope you like it.

Thanks for visiting

PS: If my works inspires you or you want to recreate, Pls do give a direct link to my post because i put my hardwork in each and every design I make. Hope you all understand. 


  1. They are cool Shylaa .. I heard that after making jewelry out of terracotta clay we have to heat it .. is it necessary or not ? where can we find terracotta clay Shylaa..

  2. Just passing by with my c&p system still taking the strain to have a peek what you are up to and wish you a lovely weekend.

    B x

  3. I loved the uneveness on it and the bold bright colors !

  4. These are so pretty !!
    Thank you for entering the challenge at Crafters Corner !
    Riti (DT)

  5. beautiful...
    Thank u you for participating at the Crafters Corner Challenge

  6. I have a doubt I went to trracotta one day class they told we sd allw it ti dry for 4 days n need to bake it and thn colour it is it si?

    1. that clay would be natural clay, the clay which i used here is air drying clay.


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