Sunday, August 26, 2012

Quilled Welcome frame

Dear Friends,

Planned to do a quilled welcome frame for my home, but many times I postponed. 

I am a last minute doer. Hence postponed to do it during last week. Unfortunately my MIL went to her native. Managing two kids,household chores and office works...... Couldn't find time at home to quill and decided to not to participate in this challenge. :(

But when I thought of Pritesh, everything disappeared. Her works are a great inspiration to everyone. Started to work on design layout at 9pm y'day and got the theme " A Rainbow Welcome". Printed the letters on a white sheet and started the magic of quilling with my tool, papers and tweezer.When I finished the work it was 1.40AM. I was not feeling sleepy but in turn felt more energetic.  Here goes my "colourful welcome" which will be in my living room after framing. I have posted step by step pictures below for beginners to follow. Thanks to Pritesh for motivating me. You're the best teacher. I wish you a happy blogoversary dear.

Tutorial for Quillography / Quilled monogram...
Glue the outline of the letter and fix the paper strip with the help of tweezer.


Here the final outcome

The picture with ruler

Thanks for visiting...


  1. Wow! Anyone will feel welcome seeing this! Thanks Shylashree, for participating, it's a beautiful creation :)

  2. so colourful and cheerful...your rainbow is just so cute :)

  3. very Beautiful. well done.


  4. Omg!!! This is beautiful!!! It looks so very very gorgeous...

    1. Thank you so much jaya. It encourages me a lot

  5. I love is soo colourful..I have to say that my fav part is the rainbow//kk.


  6. Wonderful creation, congratulations! People entering your house will surely feel a lot bettet seeing this warm welcome (I meant to say their soul would feel more...clear-skied, but if there's any such word in english, I don't know of it - yet).
    Keep it up!

  7. Very nice indeed and very neat. I simply can't paste it on the paper like you!!

  8. this is really awesome,,let me follow u too :)

  9. Very nice and creative and perfect for my door too I will definitely try this
    Thanks for sharing the beautiful tutorial it helps us a lot


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