Wednesday, September 24, 2014

DIY earring holder / paper earring display holder

Hi Friends,

My longing desire to create a handmade earring holder/ DIY earring holder / paper earring dispaly holder has now come true.

See my paper jhumkas had already taken their on the display holder. Click here to read about my Paper jhumka tutorial

Here is a step by step procedure/ tutorial to make earring holder

1. Take a cardboard or cardstock(two numbers) and just the draw your design of the earring stand on the cardboard.

2. Cut them as shown in the figure

3. Cut a piece of cardboard as shown below and paste it to the backside of the hand cut design.

4. Now cut round shapes for the base, if you are using cardstock, cut four numbers.

5. Now draw lines as shown below and pierce the T portion with a knife as shown below 

6. Mount the designed structure to the round base, so that it will fix inside the pierced portion

7. Allow it to dry and pierce a hole to hang earring

8. I have done a DIY earring display holder tree in the same way. You can decorate the base as you wanted


Hope you all got the idea to make earring display holder. 

Thanks for visiting.

P.S.: If this post inspires/helps you in some way, give a direct link to my blog. It is my unique idea of making a paper earring holder


  1. very nice idea, and pretty earrings !!!!!

  2. really unique idea shyla.... love the designs

  3. Its a lovely holder both earrings and the holder..thanks for sharing the tute..


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