Friday, August 1, 2014

Quilled Kollam

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My Today's Post is on a Handmade Wall decor which I made for inspiration in Indian Quilling Challenge - Theme is Anything Goes with Geometrical shapes

Kolam, a traditional south Indian art. Kolam is a geometrical drawing composed of curved loops drawn around a grid pattern of dots. It is sometimes called Rangoli and can be very elaborate and colorful. Kolams originated about 2500 BC in the Indus Valley Civilization.

In Tamilnadu, one would find a finest drawn and artistic drawing decorating every house at the front entrance. These drawings are not just merely a decoration, but it has lot more significance to this practice. During festival seasons and on any auspicious functions, the drawing is drawn still larger even extending up to the street!

There are many form of kolam. I have chosen Kambi Kolam / Chikku Kolam - My mom's favorite art. In this art form of kolam, dots called pulli are arranged in rhombic, square, triangular, or free shapes and a single, uninterrupted linear or curvilinear line, called the kambi, intertwines the dots. 

I always do mistakes while drawing this type of kolam(maths, calculation & etc). But Challenged myself to try kambi kolam in quilling.

Here is my work on Quilled kambi kolam / Quilled Rangoli

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  1. This is not easy, i have thought of making one like this several times , never found the opportunity , Your is very neat .

  2. This is just stunning! It's so neat! I just had to visit you as soon as I saw this on blogger dashboard. :)
    By the way, your work is always awesome Shylaa!

  3. Mind blowing ! I just can't imagine how you must have done these many loops that too so neatly !

  4. Fab twisted Kolam Shylaa.. its so difficult but you made every thing perfect.. i love it ..

  5. This is great. cant imagine the patience and effort for each loop. its perfect. kudos

  6. Oh my how beautifully u have captured the art! Fantastic quilling !


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