Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Indian Quilling challenge

Hello Indian quillers,

Recently we celebrated 68th Independence day, to celebrate this occasion and pay tribute to our great leaders, I have announced a Challenge / contest in Indian Quilling Blog – Anything goes with Indian Flag Colours(all the colours)

Here is my post on what I have made......

As I have mentioned earlier, I would like bring our Indian culture in Quilling. 

India’s diverse traditions and cultures is what makes exploring this incredible nation so unique. With such an array of cultures there come tremendous styles of embroideries, each so very unique and distinct in its own way, that one could spend their entire life exploring them. Each state of India offers its own style of thread work and over the years Indian embroidery has become a rage all across the globe. One can spot it being incorporated in all sorts of things, from garments to accessories, shawls to footwear, home furnishings to decorations, you name it and you will find it.

Kashmiri embroidery is well known for the beauty of its colour, texture, design and technique. Probably, the best-known Indian embroidery is the 'Kashida of Kashmir'. This embroidery is revealed in shawls and in cottage industry done by the members of families in Srinagar. This embroidery enhanced the beauty of Kashmiri shawls, silk sarees, dress materials, cushion covers, bed covers, purses, veils and articles of personal and daily use. There is no way one can compare the Kashmiri embroidery with any thing else. The motifs used in kashmiri embroidery is mostly taken from nature.

I have tried the floral embroidery design of Kashmiri embroidery in quilling.

Hope this inspires you all.

So post your work around this theme in Indian Quilling Challenge blog. Entries will close by 31st August.

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  1. Oh wow Shylaa this is just stunning. I adore the round shape and the vibrant colours of your flag.
    {Doing Life – my personal blog}

  2. And came out wonderfully, greet

  3. Love the embroidery design Shylaa..its wonderful..:)


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