Thursday, May 29, 2014

Paper Flower Tutorial

Hi Friends,

My today's post is on a tutorial to make paper quilled flower / Quilled Chrysanthemum using fringing method.

3 mm strip  - 1 – 11inch
2cm strip – 2 No. – 11 inch

Fringe the 2cm quilling strip as shown below

 Attach the 3mm strip to it as below

Then quill it and you will get the below shape

The fringed petals to be opened as we do it lotus. It can been done in many variations by adjusting the fringe size. Here are some for your views. A Quilled Chrysanthemum is ready.

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Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Mrs Sudha Murthy

Mrs Sudha Murthy - When I heard the news that Mrs Sudha Murthi will be visiting our premises, I was surprised and bit scared. She was my first inspiration at office, when I joined Titan in 2003, I came to know about her by a forwarded mail. I still preserve it. As She is the Chairperson of Infosys foundation, many things were going about her in my mind. 

Finally the day came, I was really shocked to see her, a millionaire in a simple Saree and with no jewels. Her friendly smile gave me the comfort. The time i spent with her was like being with my Mom.

A down to earth person, the way she spoke, her humbleness & etc. – could feel a divine presence. 

My crafty mind sparked to give her something being in office what will I make, I had only 30 minutes. Searched nook and corner of the table to get something. As I used to store the balance flowers, paper bits in a small box, luckily I found 3 punched flowers, two green strips, a single red coloured Quilling strip and some half pearls. Planned to make a special quilled flower pot with quilled roses for a special person and here it is.

It was like a reward for me when she happily agreed to take it with her. What else I need, thanking God for all this and feeling blessed.

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Sunday, May 4, 2014

My transformation

Dear friends,

I am here today to post on how i make my paper jewellery. The idea of becoming a jewellery designer without any formal course may seems to be daunting. But in my case it is not like that. You all need is a bit of talent, creativity and dedication. You can become a jewellery designer.

It was during 2005, I ventured into the jewellery  designing field for Tanishq & Goldplus. Since an amateur designer was scared to compete with other qualified jewellery designers. But the confidence in me helped me to do more than 300 designs for the both the brand which was well appreciated by our design head and customers.

But there was many limitation in designing and we have to think the possibility of manufacturing while designing. I have decided to give up this career  to take care of little son. This was the time i accidentally got into quilling on seeing by Reshmi's quilling blog. But there was no tutorial on how to quill. Only my designing skill helped to learn quilling on my own. Since 2006, i was in love with quilling and so far I have made nearly 500 designs in paper earring. I don't have any idea about blog those day.

I named my artwork under Adhiraacreations / Adhiraa Creations / Adhira creations on 4th May 2012 and planned to opened a blog. Adhiraacreations blog came to live on 28th May 2012. I am going to celebrate my 2nd blog anniversary soon this month. Thank you friends for your support.

Hence friends, try anything with hard work and dedication, you will achieve it. Hope I have bored you with my story. I design my jewellery first and then try it out. Here is a sample.

Ramleela Earring with pearls

My pencil sketch

Final product with sketch

Final Product
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PS: If my works inspires you or you want to recreate it, Pls do give a direct link to my post because all my work are created with love and hardwork. Each and every design I make is done with lots of homework. Hope you all understand