Friday, May 10, 2013

Result of Week 1 challenge

Dear Friends,

Love to announce the results of my Blog anniversary challenge - 1st week. There were 14 beautifuls entries. Felt very difficult to give ratings, as each project was very beautiful.

The point system here is only for encouraging and it does not mean that anyone is superior or inferior to the other. 

Score sheet
1. Importance to Quilling - 50 points
2. Neat & well presented - 15 points
3. Complexity/Innovation - 30 points
4. Bonus - 5 points

The Best quiller of the week is Chandana for her beautiful flower frame. Congrats Chandana. Post your award along with your next challenge post with a link back to the result announcement page. It is a must. 

And to all the participants, please grab your badges. Save your points, add your projects to week 2 and week 3. The maximum points owner is the winner.

This challenge is helping me to learn more. Thanks for your support.


  1. congratulations chandana, glad to keep the certificate,thanks shylaa

  2. Hey Shylaashree ! Amazing idea to gift certificates to all the participants ! Glad to grab it !Thanks .

  3. congratulations chandana.. glad to grab it.. Thank you..

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  5. Honoured to recive the award Shylaashree.Congratulations to all.

  6. Thanks Shylaa :)
    Congrats Chandana :)

  7. Chandana Congr888's ...lovely creation..
    and Shaylaa..simply liked ur idea of the score sheet...well managed ..

  8. Love this super new lovely idea...Thanks for visiting and commenting, Shyla!!!


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