Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Happy birthday to Adhiraacreations

Dear friends,

Some where and some day a spark came to me to create a blog which led me to open a blog named Adhiraacreations on 28th May 2012. It have been a year now with 110 followers, 23000+ pageviews and a few awards.

I have to admit here that I am here in this blog land only because of the support from my family & my blog friends.

Thank you so much for everything. Coming to my Blog anniversary award.....

the winners is




It Nehal kalaria with highest scores. Congrats Nehal.

Here are her entries for my contest.

the score sheet is below.

Nehal you will receive a gift voucher from Lulupu team soon.

Thanks to all the participants.


  1. Happy birthday...Also congrats Nehal..

  2. Wish your blog a very happy birthday and congratulations,wish you many more to come and thanx Adhiraa Creations for the great honour.Its a great achievement for me :) really appreciate !!

  3. Hey Shylaashree Congrats ... Im happy that I could participate atleast in one of your week challenges...
    And Congrats Nehal wen I happen to see your quilled earrings I wished you would be the winner :) lovely earrings ....Congrats

  4. Mannnnny Mannnny Happy Returns of the Day...
    and herty Congr8888s Nehal :)

    1. V really really had a gr888 time here Shylaashree...
      Thankyu sooo muuuch 4 ur encouragemen...

  5. Congratulations Shylaashree for a fulfilling one year!!Happy to have participated in one challenge!! Congratulations to Nehal too, Awesome work!!

  6. HAPPY BIRTH DAY AdhiraaCreations....n congrats Nehal.

  7. Congratulations Shylaashree ! To blog with responsibility of two small kids,family commitments and plus a full time job is not an easy task ,I realy admire you for that.Wishing you all the best for future and many more blogging years.

  8. Congratulations dear and wishing many more to come. Congratulations Nehal.

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  10. congrats on your year of blog Land, and wish you many more to come !!!!
    congrats to the winner!!!

  11. Many happy returns Shylaa. was not able to participate in your challenges, but i loved n followed all entries. really nice effort put here.
    n Congrats Nehal, u really really deserve it

  12. Congrats Shylaa..And congrats Nehal...


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