Sunday, December 9, 2012

House with trees

Hi friends,

In my home town, kerala, each house will be surrounded by trees. We believe that our ancestors will be with us in the form of trees. In South India, you can see atleast one coconut tree in each house.

In Indian mythology, the coconut tree was created by the powerful sage Vishwamitra to prop up King Trishanku who was attempting to gain entry into heaven as a mortal but was thrown out by the gods.

Here is my quilled house with two little coconut trees.

Materials used:

Green paper - 3M
Quilling strips - Itsy Bitsy


  1. Wow!, какие маленькие пальмочки!!!!!
    Thank you for joining us at Homyachok challenge blog!

  2. very interesting story behind coconut tree.The house is cute and wonderfully quilled coconut tree.liked the timy coconuts too !

  3. What a wonderful project! Love the design! Thank you for joining us at Homyachok challenge blog!

  4. Shylaashree...didnt realise you were a malayalee!!
    And I didnt know these things about the coconut tree!

    Awesome cute tree you have shared
    Dr Sonia

  5. Thank you for playing along with us at Homyachok challenge blog!
    Palmtrees!!! Yay!!! I thought about them, wondering, whether anyone will submit quilled palmtrees =) So tiny, so cute! Lovely =)

  6. Hi Shylaa - your trees and house are so cute! haha! Glad to have found another mallu crafter! Thanks so much for playing along ItsyBitsy's Two's Company Challenge. All the very best!
    ItsyBitsy - The Blog Place


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